Whether you want tao grow longer hair or soothe dry and itchy skin, Citadelle Oil is the miracle remedy for all of your needs. Commonly referred to as the “palma of Christi,” this organic, all- natural Haitian black castor oil is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids and offers numerous benefits, chief among them including:
-Makes hair shiny with healthy growth
-Works for all hair types
– Stimulates rapid hair growth
-Healing Scars and Burns
-Strengthening Nails and Eyelashes
-Relieving Muscle Aches and Pains
-Can be used as a body massage after a tiring day
-Nourishes skin
– Strengthens the immune systemD & J Citadelle offers this one-of-a-kind oil for hair, skin, body massage and more to customers from throughout the US and Canada. It is available to purchase in a 4 oz. or 8 oz. bottle at wholesale or bulk prices. Place your order today to enjoy the many benefits of this miracle remedy! Citadelle Oil from D & J Citadelle is an organic Haitian black castor oil extracted from the castor seed (ricinus communis). Known by many names, such as carapate oil and Palma Christi (“palm of Christ”), it is a powerful, all-natural anti- inflammatory and emollient rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids which give it several cosmetic and therapeutic properties, including:
– Faster Hair Growth – Encourages hair growth and slows hair loss, as well as nourishes dry hair and revitalizes dull, brittle, and damaged hair.
– Strengthening of Nails and Eyelashes – Repairs damaged nails and strengthens eyelashes.
– Soothing of Skin Conditions – Heals scars, cracks, burns, and irritations, and softens dry and damaged skin during a massage.
-It also reduces skin aging and protects against punctures, cuts, and bruises.
– Relief from Ear and Eye Conditions – Aids in reliving tinnitus and may be useful in the treatment of cataracts.
– Speedy Recovery from Injuries – Speeds the healing process of sprains and soothes muscle aches and pains.

Cleaning & Hulling

The castor seeds are then transported to a factory to be dehulled and then subjected to a thorough cleaning process to remove impurities such as sand, leaves, sticks, stems and/or dirt by our diligent producers. CITADELLE OIL is the best for you.


The oil of palma christi (Lwil Maskriti), also called oil of carapate or oil of black castor, is a thick oil very rich in vitamin E, Omega 6 and Omega 9. These fatty acids give it moisturizing, nourishing and fortifying virtues. It presents, indeed, multiple benefits for the skin, the hair, the nails, the eyelashes but also for the body.
The manufacture of the oil of palma christi
Extracted from the castor seed (Ricinus Communis), the oil of palma christi is obtained from a traditional process which allows it to preserve all its properties.


After all the preparations of the palma christi seeds, they are
brought to boil on the fire. At this point, the seeds are manually crushed under high pressure using an oil extractor. Once the optimal amount of oil is extracted from the seeds, the residual mass is removed from the pressing equipment. To obtain this thick, dark oil with its distinctive toasted hazelnut flavor, the castor seeds are first dried, roasted, pressed and then brought to a boil in a pot filled with water. The oil floating on the surface is gradually
recovered. You can apply castor oil directly to your hair by rubbing a small amount into your palms before applying…



In a sustainable
development approach, the brand promotes job creation in Haiti by relaunching the production of castor oil (Lwil maskriti): in the purest of traditions.
CITADEL FARM-BIO & CO is one of the two main companies in the production and industrialization of agricultural products.
The company can carry out the production, distribution, commercialization, marketing, import and export of all products directly or indirectly related to its directly or indirectly to its activities.


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