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In a sustainable development approach, the brand promotes job creation in Haiti by re-launching the production of castor oil (Lwil maskriti) in the purest of traditions.


Alexandra Delpe loves natural products and remembers waking up one day, February 3, 2019, while washing her daughter’s hair, but she
had broken hair, it was very difficult for her to style her daughter’s hair, she was reflecting on this situation automatically she thought of
a palma christi plant which has a lot of potential for hair treatment.
Jean Delpe brought a well-prepared bottle of Palma Christi oil (castor oil) to test and after a month, Alexandra was shocked by the
improvement in her hair.One day, as I was looking at the hair of my little daughter who was 9 years old at the time, I automatically saw
the need to help others with this miraculous oil and I found this solution to help others with CITADELLE OIL, which is an organic
product that made her face beautiful and her hair so long. During the month of April 20219 I had 7 to 10 people test this oil, and they
laughed, saying that LEMON OIL is one of the miracle products on the market. 5 of my customers also agreed that life was meaningless
without this oil. You can try it. LEMON OIL is truly a gift from God.
You’ll find many solutions in this oil.
1- Reduce hair loss
2-Makes hair shiny with healthy growth
3-Helps hair prone to breakage or excess hair loss.
3- Stimulates rapid hair growth
4- Works for all hair types
5- Castor oil is a natural purgative,
6- Strengthens the immune system
7- Improves sleep
8- Fight fungal infections
9- Eliminate wrinkles
10- Constipation
11- Can be used as a body massage after a tiring day
12- Nourishes skin
The creation of CITADELLE OIL is a vision of Jean Delpe and Alexandra Delpe to promote economic activity in Haiti.
They encourage everyone to keep a small bottle of CITADELLE OIL at home, which is a miracle oil.
It’s all these experiences that have inspired us to bring you this oil!

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